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09/05/2022 hasta 20/05/2022

Lugar: Granada

La Asociación Intercultural-Life de Trasmulas (Granada) oferta cuatro plazas para participar en un Training Course sobre "Methods for European education in schools and youth organizations" durante los días 20 a 26 de mayo en Magdeburgo, Alemania.

Dirigido a personas que trabajan con jóvenes: Trabajadores Sociales, Docentes, Voltuntarios, Técnicos de Juventud/Trabajadores en el ámbito de la juventud.

Esta formación se realizará en lengua inglesa.

Las personas interesadas en participar se deben poner en contacto, a la mayor brevedad posible, con Intercultural-Life llamando al número de teléfono 663833938 o a través de la cuenta de correo electrónico katrinalban@intercultural-life.com

El contenido del Curso es el siguiente:

Europe Works!

Methods for European education in schools and youth organizations

KA1-Worker Mobility Training Course

20-26 May 2022 in Magdeburg, Germany

The importance of basic political education, especially education about Europe, the European Union and other institutions and supranational organizations mainly working with European countries is a well known fact. Thus, people in school and youth work are asked to engage with young people in order to inform them about above topics but also give them empowerment in voicing their issues and needs. This training explores methods of European education, looking at them from different angles.

This training course aims to give teachers and/or youth workers space to experience and share European methods and approaches as well as investigating/creating new opportunities, all the while having an eye on the realities and challenges of using them with their target groups (school classes, young people).

There will be a particular focus on providing practical tools which teachers/youth workers can go away from the training with to use in their own youth work contexts.

Special features of this course:

  • An interactive and engaging programme, giving participants the chance to road test and experience tools & methods themselves.

  • A space for meaningful knowledge exchange with participants encouraged to share their experiences and tools.

  • A networking opportunity to meet and connect with others in the field of European education.

Expected profile of participants:

The training has been created for participants who are working with young people and ready to embrace the European world and new youth work realities:

  • Youth workers

  • Volunteers

  • Teachers

  • Social workers

This training will be in English.


European Youth Educational Center Magdeburg (EJBM)
Luettgen-Ottersleben 18a, 39116 Magdeburg, Germany

Para más información y presentación de solicitudes:

Asociación Intercultural life
Trasmulas, Granada